1. To preserve and protect roadside environments by educating the public and governmental officials about the mission of the Adopt-A-Highway Program, its value to the world, and the need for appropriate funding of Adopt-A-Highway Programs;

2. To enhance the public image of Adopt-A-Highway Programs, by fostering and maintaining the highest standards of professional qualifications, ethical personnel, and by conducting positive public relations efforts to display the integrity and professionalism of coordinators and to publicize and support the efforts of the Adopt-A-Highway;

3. To promote communication and liaison between coordinators and other resource agencies including but, not limited to national and international transportation agencies, environmental protection agencies and the public;

4. To express the views of professional Adopt-A-Highway coordinators; and

5. To seek the assistance of individuals and groups interested in promoting and supporting the purpose of the International Adopt-A-Highway Association.